Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Secure The Surface With The Best Tape In The Market

Covering the surface is a major issue. In a country like India, where pollution, dust, and dirt is at its height, it is essential to cover each and every surface. Moreover, the extreme weather conditions in India also spoils the products to a great extent so the thing has to be covered completely to prevent this damage. Apart from the domestic use, the surface has to be covered and protected in transporting the goods too.

The companies need to keep its inventory safe also. Likewise, there are many activities and many industries which require the surface protection. The industries need to keep the inventory safe from dirt and dust and needs to protect the goods so it has to cover the products.

Apart from this the label of the products also needs protection as the written thing can get scratched of damaged due to various reasons and again needs protection so again it has to be covered. And in the transportation of the goods also the surface needs to be covered to protect the goods from the pollution, dust and dirt on the way. Moreover, the terrain of India is the most versatile one and is the toughest. So transportation of goods in such terrain has to be taken care of and again the surface has to be covered.

The answer to all these questions is covering the surface of the products. The best solution to cover the surface is to use a high quality and perfect surface protection tape and film. These surface protection tapes and films covers and protects the surface and your products to every extent.

Surface Protection Film Manufacturers in India is the best manufacturer of surface protection films and tapes in the country. These films and tapes are of the highest quality and give perfect protection to the surface and protection of the products.

The surface protection tapes and films manufactured by the company durable, highly elastic, sturdy and does not leave any scratches, smudges or stickiness on the surface.Your surface never gets scratched or damaged by anything.
The label does not get any smudges and keeps the writing on it fresh and in proper finish and glow. These surface protection films and tapes also protect the products in the toughest terrains of India. The products manufactured by the Surface Protection Tape manufacturers in India undergoes a rigorous quality test.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Surface Protection Films Give Protection To fragile And Precious Surface Materials

Surface protection films , as the name suggests , are applied on the surfaces of different materials to protect the materials from dusts , dirts , cuts , abrasion and moisture during transportation , renovations and installations . The films are also used on carpets , glass, and vehicles of all types . The aim of the films and tapes is to give protection to the surface from environmental pollutions and dirt .
The inner side of the surface protection films are coated with strong adhesive , which is strongh enough to stick to the surfaces but does not leave any residual adhesive on the surface when the films are removed after completion of the work .
The manufacturing companies Surface Protection Film Manufacturers in India are making the film in various sizes for every object and materials . The clients can take the surface protection films according to their needs and requirements . These tapes and films are made in such a manner that the client can use them easily and can roll over the surface without any issue .
The quality of the surface protection films is also kept at highest possible levels to allow protection for at least up to 3 -4 days . But this is only temporary protection and is used only during construction of renovation activity .
The carpet protection films can last up to 45 days and give protection during painting from stains , dirt and dust particles . The manufacturers also make low adhesive surface tapes for PC sheets , polished stainless steel , brass items , aluminum, and any smooth surface .
The adhesive strength and thickness of the surface tapes can be used according to the specifications of the clients . The level of protection required by the client for any particular material is also taken into consideration when surface protection films or tapes are made on specifications .
The rolling of the films on the surface of the materials Surface Protection Tape manufacturers in India is done without any tools and can be taken without need for any cutting the tape . Even if clients wants , the materials can be vacuumed cleaned , water cleaned , swept or mopped , even when they are covered with surface protection films . Before applying , the client only has to make sure that the surface is clean of any dust , dirt and moisture at the time of applying surface protection film on it .  

Friday, 18 November 2016

This Surface Protection Film cover your products completely

In a country like India, where the pollution is at its height and road is so tough to go, not only for humans but also for goods, worrying about the damage of the products is quite obvious. We need to cover the surface to protect these goods from every type of damage.

Different type of surface protection films is used for different environment, different surface, and different places. Surface protection film as the name suggests safeguards the surface of a thing. It protects the surface of anything from direct sun rays, dust, dirt, scratches, breakage, insertion of water, moisture and other particles in the air, which can affect the surface negatively or damage it. Not only when stored, but it also protects the surface during the transportation of the products. There is a chance of getting scratches on the surface while transporting the product. But the application of this Surface Protection Tapes safeguards the surface from any such scratch or damage. Surface Protection Film is actually a film, which protects the surface from any kind of abrasion and resistance to daily wear and tear.
The company gives the best surface protection films and tapes. Surface Protection Tape manufacturers in India manufactures the tape and films, which can be used on any type of metallic or non-metallic surface, polycarbonate sheets, acrylic bath tubs, FRP sheets and other decorative surface or any other surface, which you do not want to get damaged.The company gives the surface protection films and tapes, which are chemical resistant, UV resistant, abrasion resistant, scratch resistant, and saves colors and printed part of the surface. The company advice to select that surface protection tape and film, which is adhesive and suitable for both internal and external uses.
Surface Protection Film Manufacturers in India gives the best surface protection films and tapes to cover the surface of the products or boxes of products. The surface protection films and tapes of the company are of very high quality and do not leave any scratch, smudges, stickiness, or residue on the surface. The tapes and films are highly adhesive and protect the surface completely. The films and tapes highly durable, have a high level of elasticity and is highly heat and moisture resistant. Means whether it is scorching summer or whether the monsoon is at its peak, the surface remains completely protected. The company advice to see the type of surface, texture of the surface, external weather conditions, duration of protection required, and reason for protection to select the right type of film or tape for surface protection.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

why surface protection films are need for the materials?

Surface protection film is a plastic tape , which is very thin and is coated with special pressure sensitive adhesive . This adhesive is not permanent , it is temporary and does not leave any remnant on the surface of the materials on which the surface protection film is used.

The surface protection film is not left on the material permanently . It is used only temporary to protect the material from scratches , cut , abrasions , moisture , and dirt and dust during installations, transportation , and renovations . The tapes can be used on any kind of materials from electronics to steel and marble to glass items . There are other lot of reason or purposes , which can damage a product, these factors are , painting , polishing , shipping , assembly , storage, installation , sanding , and dry walling.

To preserve the value of the different kinds of materials , the surface protection film is used as a guard for pre finished and finished products to retain the value of products , and also its appeal and appearance.
Any surface protection tape Suppliers of Surface protection film must have the special qualities , which enables it to be used for the protection proposes . It must adhere initially to the surface of the material . Then it must give protection against moisture's , cuts and stay till it is removed . And finally ,during removal from the surface of the protect , it must come out cleanly without leaving any residual.

The clients only has to make sure that they are selecting the right protect for protection of their products . There are different kind of surface protection films in the market , the customers must know the different types and there uses.

The adhesive tapes for carpets can also be taken from the market for the protection of carpets during renovations and construction activities . The tape that are adhesive type will have the mark to show the level of thickness of the adhesive . The adhesive type is a important consideration . The textured surfaces need thicker and soft adhesive . The tape has to touch the maximum surface of the material . If the tape is touching only peaks of the material , then it means that only 5 percent of the area is being touched by the adhesive surface tape.
The customers also must keep in mind that the stickiness of the surface protection tapes Surface Protection Tape manufacturers in India must be adequate so that the tape sticks to the surface during its life cycle.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Best Surface Protective and Packaging Materials in the Country by a Mile

Ezzy Packaging Solutions is a Mumbai based company mainly concerned with the developement and manufacturing of high quality packaging and protective materials for the industry. They are always searching for new methods and technologies in their field to make the products they manufacture, better and safer for the customers. They have highly qualified designers and engineers working with them, who create these products in a short period of time and makes sure that the quality is never compromised.

Ezzy Packaging Solutions are known for their intensive research, continuous development and dedicated efforts which helps them providing their clients with the best possible service in the market. They also regularly invest in the new technology and machines which are later coupled with latest manufacturing techniques, further enhancing the quality of their protective sheets. Their working methods and quality of the products have made them immensely respected in the market of packaging materials.

They are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and they have established various labs in the own facility to check the qualities of the packaging sheets and materials being manufactured on daily basis. These quality-checking labs are maintained by their reliable staff who make the products go through various quality procedures and provide their unmitigated attention to the entire process. Along with these constant quality check, Ezzy Packaging Solutions also collect the materials required for these products from all over the country after carefully checking their production quality.

Being among the best Surface Protection Tape Suppliers Mumbai, their products are known for their high durability, elevated elasticity, heat and moisture resistance and are used by all the major packaging brands in India. Their products are required for protecting Laptops, Desktops, Glass Facades, Electronic Items, Marble Floors. Along with manufacturing highly reliable products, they also provide their clients with ability to customize these sheets and films for their own businesses and personal usage.

Their products are known for qualities like stable adhesive strength and the ability to withstand even the most drastic of weather conditions. Rated as the most reliable Surface Protection Film Manufacturers in India, they are responsible for their unparalleled quality of protective materials and customer service. The designs, material selection, quality tests, transportation, deliveries, are all done by their team of workers whom they have gathered over the years. 

Friday, 4 November 2016

Thank Ezzy Packaging Solutions Next Time You Get Your Parcel Unharmed

Everybody is always full of warm approvals and praise for the package delivering services and brands in our country, but nobody is ever conscious about the people who are responsible for these undamaged products reaching our doorsteps. Yes, these delivering services play a huge role in providing us with parcels in time, but all of this would go down the culvert if companies like Ezzy Packaging Solutions were not working at the back end of it all. They make sure that the products we get are unharmed and unscathed.

They are basically providing the industry with quality packaging solutions for years now and have only enlarged their status in the market with every passing year, one client at a time. Two things they have never compromised on are becoming a bigger name in the industry and complete customer satisfaction; and this has paid off for them, making them a reliable name in the market. Their products are created according to the regulations and materials approved by the concerned authorities in India and hence, they provide well accepted protective materials to the market.

Made according to the International standards, their products are appreciated by their clients for good weatherability and the ability to be applied and removed easily from the surfaces. Due to their stable adhesive strength, they leave no residual glue on glasses and products avoiding any scratch or damage on them. All of these coveted services make them the best Surface Protection Tape manufacturers in India. They not only provide their customers with the suitable packaging materials, but also keep an eye for their custom needs so that they don’t require to go anywhere else and keep coming back to them for more.

For completely satisfying their customers and working according to the needs of the market, they have assembled a team of highly skilled engineers and designers who help them create the best products and keep them ahead of the constant competition in the market. Along with manufacturing these packaging sheets and films, they are known as the Surface Protection Tape Suppliers Mumbai. These sheets that they manufacture are highly durable, elastic and are resistant to any form of heat and moisture which makes the products wrapped in them even more secure from any outside damage and harm during the transportation process.

Easily available, affordable, durable and ,most importantly helps in retaining the quality of products; this is what Ezzy Packaging Solutions strive to provide.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Protect The Surface Of Your Products With Best Protection Tape In India

There are many types of Surface Protection Tapes available in the market. The main worry of every manufacturer or whole sale dealer is to protect its inventory from dust, dirt, scratches and other types of wear and tear. The products have to be kept in inventory for a long time and have to be transported to various long distance locations. Products are bound to get damage in these circumstances. And if the product is edible or made of fragile material then the risk of damage gets higher. The products made of fragile material are especially very much prone to wear and tear. Such types of products need to be protected at any cost or damage to them may cost heavily to the businessman. These products are very expensive and needs to be protected from such wear and tear primarily.

While transporting the products they get prone to certain damage. Products are exposed to dirt, dust and jerks directly. These surface Protection tapes are specially manufactured to protect these products from any type of physical damage. The usage or Surface Protection Tapes is not just limited to protect the products while keeping inventory or transporting the products, but it is also used to protect your vehicle from any type of scratches.

As India is a country of extreme climate we receive summers of extremely high temperature and very heavy monsoon. Transporting the products in these seasons is not that easy. The temperature can damage your products, specially, which are made of plastic, glass, paper or any other fragile material. Summer and monsoon are extremely dangerous seasons for transportation of edible things. These Surface Protection Tape care of your such products in such an extreme weather too.

 Surface Protection Tape manufacturers in India, protects your product from any types of damage while, assembling, transporting and installing the products. This Surface Protection Tapes also protects the label of the products from finger prints, ink rubbing etc. These tapes can be easily applied and removed without leaving any  The tapes are easy to apply and do not leave any residual mark, scratch or stickiness on the surface. The company is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of the Surface Protection Tape in India. The Tape of this company is durable, highly elastic and possess high heat and water resistance.

Surface Protection Tape Suppliers Mumbai, is also a manufacturer and supplier of Glass etching Tapes.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Get the Best Packaging and Protection Sheets/Films According to Your Requirements

People don’t generally notice this but whatever we buy online or from some branded company of the market usually comes in high quality packaging and protection sheets. This is done for the safety of the products and to protect them from any damage while delivery. This is one of the most important procedures in any given industry – to make sure the products are packaged with the best available protective material in the market.

If you get a product delivered to your home or you get something from a well known brand, there’s a very high chance that the packaging and protecting material used on the product is of high quality and is manufactured by Ezzy Packaging Solution – a highly reputed packaging company of the industry.

Ezzy Packaging Solutions has been providing the industry with the best grade protective materials over the years without a fail. Their entire range of products are well accepted in the market and their quality is only getting better with every passing day. The tapes and sheets they produce are designed in such a way that they protect the packed products from any scratch or damage.

Over the years, they’ve established an image of being the only Surface Protection Tape Suppliers in Mumbai with stable adhesive strength and the ability to withstand all weather conditions. Their protective films are easily applied and removed from the surfaces and help maintaining the quality of the products while transportation and installation.

They’ve successfully assembled a team of experienced and talented industry personnel who are aware of the company’s vision. The staff at their facility is well acquainted with all the latest technology and methods for creating top grade protective sheets and films.

They strive to be the best Surface Protection Film Manufacturers in India and provide their clients with a wide range of products to choose from and help them get complete satisfaction.

The protective packaging materials created at their facility can be availed according to the custom needs of the client and they can decide how much elasticity and moisture resistance they want in their sheets and protective films.

Sterling Glass, DMT, KK. Glass, Naitri Enterprises, Sunrise Glass and Raj Ratan Marketing are among the top industries and glass manufacturers of the country who are associated with Ezzy Packaging Solutions.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Best Surface Protection Manufacturers In India

It is a tensed situation if you have a lot of inventory or finished products to keep, but you are worried how to cover the surface of these goods to protect from damage. If you are a manufacturer or a whole sale dealer, you spend sleepless night due to this tension.

You are always in tension to keep your goods safe from various types of damage. And if your products have to be transported, then it is definitely a nerve-wrecking situation for you and your heart beats faster every second till your product reaches the destination safely. No matter how much effort you put into it, still your products gets damage some or the other way.

There are many verities of Surface Protection Films available in the market. But we give you the best of Surface Protection Films ever. Our Surface Protection Films are made of supreme quality material and latest technology and are highly in demand in various industries. Our Surface Protection Films safeguards your product from dust, dirt, scratches, and every type of physical damage due to extreme weather conditions.

We give you supreme quality Surface Protection Tape with high elasticity, adhesive strength, and durability. Our Surface Protection Films safeguard your goods in scorching summer and extreme monsoon as these Surface Protection Films are highly heat resistant and water resistant. Our Surface Protection Films are easy to apply and leaves no stickiness, scratches, damage or residue behind, when removed. That means, it safeguard your products and leaves them neat and clean.

This Surface Protection Film is best suited for the products, which needs transportation, installation or fabrication. Surface Protection Film Manufacturers in India, give Surface Protection Films for Glass, Glass Facades, Electronic items like, Laptops, desktops, etc and also for Marble flooring, Aluminum Sections, and special items.

We have a team of experienced technicians who are expert in handing the operation of these Surface Protection Films. Our Technicians do every bit to give you the best product that you truly deserve. Surface Protection Tape manufacturers in India, We are the leading suppliers and manufacturers of the Surface Protection Films and Glass Etching Tapes in Mumbai and strive every bit to keep our customers satisfied.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Type Of Surface Protection Films In The Market

Wide ranges of surface protection films are available in the market for protecting the surface of products from cuts, abrasions, and dust and dirt particle and from weather elements. These tapes are used for temporarily purposes to protect the different product made form aluminum, marble, steel or stone etc.

Metal protecting tapes are applied to the metal pieces for protection during transportation and shipping. The tapes are also used for automobiles where various components are protected during their shipping journey. The metal protecting tapes are also used in the exterior applications of vehicles.

The advantages of these metal protecting tapes are many. They can confirm to variety of surfaces. Have heat and abrasion resistance and the adhesive used in them is of high quality and does not leave any residual mark on the surface.

The protective Surface Protection Film Manufacturers in India tapes for doors help protect the printed surface from finger prints and abrasion, scratches during installations, assembly, and transportations. The tapes are easy to apply and do not leave any residual mark on the metal surface.

Carpet protection film is used to provide protection to carpet in hotels, builders’ site during construction, renovations and for preventing dirt and dust settling in on the carpets. The tapes are made to offer protection in all grades of carpets in commercial, residential and industrial uses. The surface protection films are highly resistive to tears and punctures. But there is one   precaution that one has to observe during the applications of these carpet protection films. The protection film should not be used in basement areas, as the moisture on the adhesive side can result in adhesive transfer.

Surface protection films for glass fiber sheets are used for high pressure laminate sheets, plywood, veneers, and door skins. The film is applied to the surface by film applicator machine. The application of film protects the product from dust, dirt and fingerprints. The thickness of these tapes range from 25 to 250 micron and the adhesive coating can vary from acrylic water base to one based on applications. The tapes are available in various colors.

Tile tape and mosaic film Suppliers of Surface protection film is used for glass tiles; mosaic Pieces, mounting stones, ceramics, and medallions. The paper is used for back mounting and tapes are used for face rollers. The tile tape comes with various advantages over other surface protection tapes. The tape is very easy to use and apply.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Tips for buying the best surface protection film and tapes

Surface protection films and tapes are used to protection any surface or object from scratches, abrasions, dust, dirt and abrasion during transportation, installations, and renovation. The use of surface protection films and tapes also help to save the product from   moisture and ultraviolet rays of sun. The daily wear and tear is kept away from products covered with surface protection film.

Every surface protection film and tape has adhesive material attached with it and the adhesive material is of highest quality, which does not leave any residual on the product, when a film or tape is removed. The highest quality tapes and surface protection films are always made with quality adhesive .The surface protection films and tapes have resistance against abrasion, they are UV resistant, cushion resistant and chemical resistant. But the protection which they are given is only of temporary nature.

Tips for selecting the best surface protection film and tapes –

Manufactures are making surface protection film and tapes in varying adhesive strengths and sizes. The customers can pick the surface film and tape according to the need. The tapes and films can be used for internal and external surfaces.

Keep product in mind –

The users have to keep in mind the type of product or material that needs protection from surface protection films and tapes. The metal, glass, plastic, marble, stone, laminated, carpet, coated surface etc have special surface protection materials.  Using surface protection film meant for carpet for marble stone may not give the perfect result.

Texture of surface needing protection

The users can demand the surface protection film or tape according to the texture of the product, for which surface protection tapes are being bought. The texture of the surface or product ranging from smooth Floor protection film manufacturers  to matte, glossy, embossed, need different surface protection films. For the best protection and results, the customers have to consult the salesperson of the manufacturer to get the suitable tapes or film for their products.

Duration of use –

Duration of the use of surface protection film must be kept in mind as the tapes and film with less adhesive material may not be fit for longer duration. The need for longer duration means that surface protection film with good strength of adhesive material on it should be bought.
Reason for protection –

Some surface protection films and tapes are meant for giving protection against moisture and dust particle rather than from scratches and abrasion. The film Surface Protection Tape Suppliers Mumbai  used on carpets is different from protection film used on stone and hard materials. That is why the customer has to inform the seller about surface nature and get the best surface protection film matching needs and requirements.  

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Different surface protection tapes and their uses

Surface protection films and tapes are used to protect products and goods during transportation, installation and erection from scratches marks, abrasions, cuts, dirt and dust particles. These tape and films are also used during renovation works at homes or commercial properties. Some of them are also used in packaging.

Bioxially oriented polypropylene tapes are meant for product packaging .The tapes are made with high quality adhesive material for securing the products that are packed with the tape. The tape can be printed with the brand name or logo of the clients. These tapes come with excellent peel strength. The bioxially polypropylene tapes are available in couple of varieties. The rubber based tapes are used for cold temperature packaging purposes. Then there are printed, brown or transparent tapes.

The characteristics of these tapes are their strong grip, optimum tack, strength of the tape and excellent peel performance under extreme pressure and temperatures. The tapes can be used on all types of surfaces such as paper, wood, plastic, glass, fiber, and metal.

Surface protection tapes Surface Protection Film Manufacturers in India  and films are the excellent form of surface protection for temporary purposes .Films films are made from good quality raw material and adhesive. The surface protection tapes provide protection during any weather conditions. The use of tape is very easy and they do not leave any trace of adhesive material on the surface of the product after removal.
Some surface protection tapes and films are available without glue or adhesive. The four types of tapes come in the surface protection category. These four categories are industrial duct tapes, professional duct tapes, utility duct tapes and all purpose duct tapes.

Gold filament tapes are also known as strapping tapes. These are used as pressure sensitive tapes in packaging tasks. The presence of pressure sensitive adhesive coating gives them additional tensile strength. The tapes are available in different grades of adhesives.  The width of the tapes range from 12 mm to 24 mm but varied widths are available in the market.

Cling films are widely used in packaging of single or bulk products. The tapes are generally used for protection food items for getting spoiled.  The main customers are hotel, restaurants, and beverages companies.

Some tapes are used as air bubble tapes, when they trapped air bubbles between two sheets of tape. The air bubble sheets Surface Protection Tape manufacturers in India give protection against chemical, water and do not produce static electricity current.  These tapes also give protection against dents and scratches. 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Areas of use of surface protection films

Different types of surface protection films and tapes are used to protection the surface of different surfaces from dirt, dust, abrasion and scratches. The surfaces protection films are also used widely to protect the different materials from abrasion, cuts and marks during transportations and installations.

These tapes are easy to put on the surface and removal leaves no trace of adhesive or marks on the surface. For metal surfaces, there are number of tapes and protection films to protect them from scratches, brushing, and cuts. The damage to metal surfaces comes during renovation, painting, cutting, welding, storage and installations. The damage to the metal surface can be expensive. The small cut can render the entire metal surface ineffective in performing its intended job.

There are several Surface Protection Tape Suppliers Mumbai types of metal surface protection film available and all of them are adhesive based. The level of adhesiveness may be different from tape to tape. The selection of a tape with particular thickness of adhesive will depend on the nature of protection and its duration. For short period protection at single location, the tapes with less adhesive will work fine. For transportation, the tape with high level of adhesive will take care of the metal surface.

The plastic materials are widely used in almost all areas of industry. The need for protecting them from scratches, dust and dirt has also increased. The surface protection films are used to protect the smooth, textured, surface of PVC, PETG, and polycarbonate.

Coated metal are also used widely from building construction to household uses. The finishes of these materials must remain free from any dent or abrasion, or any kind of imperfection. The permanent surface protection tape with quality adhesive will give protection to the product throughout its lifecycle. The surface protection tapes can withstand the extreme weather changes and temperatures. The outdoor resistance of these tapes is also very high.

Electronic industry is using surface protection film for protecting the surface of its latest and delicate electronic items. The fresh factory feel is important in attracting consumers to the electronic products .The high quality protection films are used for protecting the items from dust and dirt. The tapes leave no residue behind when they are removed.

Automobile field is Surface Protection Tape manufacturers in India  one of the largest users of surface protection films .The films are used for both interiors and exteriors to give them dust and dirt free appearance for better customers experience in purchasing.  Since, automobiles have to be transported to different destination from factories; the surface protection film is must for every part of the automobile during long distance transportations.   

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Types Of Surface Protection Films And Their Uses

Surface protection films are used to protect the surface of any items from stretches, abrasions, and cut marks during transportation, fitting and hoisting. These protection films are easy removed after the job is done and they do not leave any adhesive mark behind. The various types of protection films are used with specific aim and for different products.

Black and white protection film for ammonium composite panel has three layers LD PE with inner adhesive coated. The front side is white colored and printed. The film gives protection from dirt, scratches, and abrasions during fabrication, transportation and fittings. The film is made in such a way, that it offers high resistance to tears and punctures. While removing the film from surface areas, it gives no residual adhesive on the panels behind. These films are applied on the panels by the use of applicators machine.

Carpet protection film can be applied on the carpet easily by hands with the help of rubber rollers. The film gives protection to all types of carpet used in commercial, residential and industrial spaces. The thickness of the film may vary from 40 micron to 100 micron. These types are self adhesive and protect the carpet from dirt, dust and spills. The films are highly resistive to tears and scratches, and leave no adhesive on the carpet at the time of peeling off. The users have to keep in mind that they cannot use the film in basements because the green house effect will have condensation on the adhesive side. The width of the protection film can vary from 250mm to 1200mm depending on the need of the customer.

Floor protection films Floor protection film manufacturers are also self adhesive films that are made for protection of various kinds of floors. It has low tack adhesive that clings to the floors smoothly and leaves no residual part behind after removing the film. The use of these floor protection films comes at the time of painting, renovation, repair and construction.  It can give protection of hard surfaces, counters, and can be removed easily. The film can also be used for tiles, bathrooms, kitchens, furniture and other hard substances. During the time of protection film, the film can be cleaned with water and vacuum cleaner.

Guard protection film Surface Protection Tape Suppliers Mumbai can be used for various items like glass, granite, foam, boards, composite panels, laminate and furniture. The protection film has all weather resistance, non transferable adhesive under different weather conditions.  Now, surface protection films are also coming for mobile phones and other such devices. These films are transparent and help to protection the screen of mobile devices from scratches and finger marks. The film can be applied during transportation of sensitive devices to prevent them from any cuts or scratches.

The use of latest technology and manufacturing techniques has increased the sophistication and performance level of surface protection films. 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Paint Protection Films & Surface Protection Films: Their Applications

In order to protect the paint of car, the use of pain protection films are applied to different painted surface.  The thermoplastic urethane film is applied on cars, for protecting the cars’ pain against damage caused by stone chips and bug splatters.

The use of paint protection films can also protect the painted surface of car from damage caused by minor abrasions. For protecting the paint against scratches and stone chips on various recreational vehicles, the use of paint protection films of different technical specifications and compositions are recommended. Paint surface or simple surface of the cell phones and electronics can be protected from damages such as scratches by using paint protection films and protection tapes.

The paint protection films and paint protection tapes are known for their excellent good weatherability. In addition to this, the pain protection films are appreciated in automobile industry for their stable adhesive strength.

Screens and motorcycles can be effectively and systematically protected through effective paint protection films in different technical specifications. The use of paint protection films can be simply applied. In addition to this, the paint protection films are known for their easy removal. One of the primary advantages of using paint protection films is that it leaves no residue glue after the removal of the pain protection films.

Surface protection films and surface protection tapes are applied on the surface of materials for protection against corrosions, dust, scratches and dust. Laptops and desktops can be protected through different types of surface protection film and surface protection tape.

Automobile industry has made long lasting association with some of the well-known and celebrated Surface Protection Tape Manufacturers in India for protecting different types of painted surface of car from corrosion, scratches and other damages.  

For the purpose of protecting the surface of the aluminium or other metal sections, the use of surface protection films is highly recommended.  The use of surface protection films protects the metal sections from damages such as corrosion. Bulk assignments of surface protection tapes and surface protection films can be effectively managed with large production capacity of some of the renowned manufacturers of surface protection films and surface protection tapes.  The surface protection films and surface protection tapes are known for their ability to tolerate adverse weathering conditions, ease of applications, sturdy construction and thermal stability. For manufacturing the surface protection tapes in accordance to the industry laid norms, the manufacturers of the surface protection films and surface protection tapes has established and maintained a state-of-the-art infrastructural facility.

Glass and Glass Facades can be protected by using surface protection films and surface protection tapes, which can be purchased from first among the best Surface Protection Film Manufacturers in India. Different types of flooring such as Marble flooring can be effectively protected by using surface protection films and surface protection tapes. 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Applications of Surface Protection Films

Acknowledged for their elevated durability, optimum elasticity, thermal stability and resistance against moisture, the surface protection tapes and films are used for protecting the surface of electronic items and plastic products from damage caused from scratch and pollution while transportations.

Glass products can be damaged while transportation process with scratch and dust. The damage caused during the transportation from scratches of glass, can be prevented by using easy to use surface protection film.   Some of the surface protection films and tapes are designed to leave no marks on removal from the surface of objects. Other objects that can be protected from damage caused from scratches are Glass Facades in various dimensions.

Mobile devices, electronic items such as tablets, laptops and desktops can be effectively protected by using right kinds of surface protection, which is carry out during the packaging processes. Households and kitchen appliances such as mixer, juicers, oven and microwaves can be protected from damages in transportation processes, by using surface protection films and tapes. Metal products, fittings and accessories can also be protected while the transportation processes by using surface protection films and tapes.

Aluminium Sections, pipes and fittings can also be protected through organized packaging with surface protection files and tapes. The metal products are protected from corrosion and scratches.
Generic or customized surface protection tapes can be used by the clients for the purpose of protection of various glasses, plastic or metal products while transportations. One of the important factors while choosing the right kind of surface protection films and tapes is quality of the surface protection. If the quality of the surface protection film is compromised, it can effectively cause mark on removal, which is truly undesired.  

Right kind of manufacturers should be carefully chosen for purpose of purchasing the surface protection films, for ensuring utmost protection of the product range. Financial stability, credibility and ability to take & manage the bulk demands of surface protection films or tapes within promised time frame, are some of the parameter taken into account while choosing the manufacturers or vendors.

Surface Protection Tape Manufacturers in India manufactures surface protection tape in different dimensions, sizes and designs. In order to ensure streamlined manufacturing of the surface protection tape and films, the reputed manufacturers make use of latest machinery and premium grade of raw materials.

The use of surface protection films and tapes are recommended during the packaging of Marble flooring, in order to ensure safe transportation at the patrons’ end.  Based on the needs and requirements, the clients can purchase different sizes of floor protection tapes and films from some of the first among the best Floor Protection Film Manufacturers, which manufactures the floor protection film by using latest technology.  Excellent storage facility and large production capacity of floor protection film has helped the manufacturers in managing the bulk assignments within promised time frame.